(dj) dollmaker/the dollmaker/doll/[vulpes automata]

Simple enough – the space where this one puts its music, mixes, thoughts, upcoming performances, and other creative bits. This one also speaks in the third-person, and is also fluent in first-person speak from time to time.

The doll has been engaged with many electronic music and dance cultures its whole life. It started enjoying its first experiences in different scenes in late the late 1990’s, originally shaped by experiences at The Muni, or The Municipal Cafe, on Main Street in Hartford, CT – (now a shell of its former self as Dunkin’ Donuts) and other dance venues of the region. Goth/Industrial has always been its passion, though, With so many nights, and so many venues, it is wonderful and somewhat bittersweet to not just name one that shaped its early memories Some of its favorites have been HAVEN @ Diva’s of Northampton, MA (Also when it was Prism, and Metro the “Geo” era of the venue), Many different nights @ Manray of Cambridge, MA, and Flux @ Gotham Citi Cafe (Later becoming Empires) – when it was at 130 Crown Street in New Haven, CT. There were also plenty of great years spent living in Rochester, often dancing regularly, and even getting its first chance to spin for a set at Club Vertex and partying at Tilt. Experiencing the sound and aesthetic was euphoric at Death Guild @ the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, more than a couple times in the mid 2010’s, but now this one is mostly embracing nights like Kontrol in Easthampton, MA and Sanctuary in New Haven, CT. Some other highlights include going to a year of Blacksun Festival, a few journeys to Burning Man (welcome home!), and many, many concerts and festivals of all genres.

It wouldn’t be fair to not mention all the moments spent at great places like all the furry cons, sci-fi cons, anime cons spent dancing all night. And just as fun were so many random parties in the winter, hidden in the basements of houses across New England spinning wax and foil. Amazing moments like being snowed in and thumping beats are contrasted by summers of bringing generators into the woods “somewhere” and setting up a system for a night to rave until daylight, or even hauling a car battery, speakers, and laser lights on a hand truck, and half-dragging it all through the sand just so friends could all drink, dance, and get naked on the beach at Fire Island at sunset. Both ‘somewhere and spontaneously’ has resulted in the best moments – like spinning a hotel room party with the bar and the stripper pole in full effect in Chicago in 2010, and flash parties in the courtyards of hotels, like in Pittsburgh in 2014, and 2015 – where if you can hear us, or see us, then you are invited. And of course, the best of things that are sneaky, darker, and more sexy, it has also been a blessing to be spinning or playing at underground parties in warehouse spaces with folks dancing and embracing kinks all night, or being part of the performances at the Folsom Street Fair, or getting dirty at a NYC Black party, and spinning at fetish clubs that don’t event exist anymore, in Connecticut and elsewhere – you just had to be there.

In reflecting on all of this – please, be here now – be part of the experience. If you are not part of the experience, you can’t be part of what comes next. The experiences you have had, and will come to know are the key to the next chapter for yourself and everyone around you.

Experiencing nothing leads to experiencing nothingness. Embracing nothing is embracing nothingness.

If you are dancing, then it is proof that you are alive.

You are immortal, until proven otherwise.

Let’s dance, let’s live, until the there is no tomorrow.


The dollmaker is available for private event and club engagements, primarily in the Northeast US, and anywhere else, really. Please contact us by email for booking, media inquires, etc.


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