Versus Mix – dj dollmaker vs. DJ Kitsune-No-Inari – Facet (2018, Goth/Darkwave/EBM/Industrial)

The dollmaker and Yuki take turns in creating a special mix that combines their individual musical preferences. Yeah, one body, many beings, but it makes for radical diversity and creativity! Yuki and The Dollmaker bring more melodic danceable vocal energy in this swirly and steady tempo mix. In this mix, Facet harmoniously combines two shared desires – the irresistible urge to dance and the fervent longing to truly live life to its fullest!

Inspired by C.O.D.E (2020, Goth, Industrial, Darkwave)

So over the past week, here in September 2020, it has been a bit weird. This one’s brain has been turning tricks – something like mania, and some pretty scary seizures. This is not typical for itself, the doll just doesn’t like what this is all about.

It has been a trial – not an easy ride. Friends are amazing. When someone who cares reaches out, try not to push away. It was very special to have its friend C.O.D.E come and stayed a few days, to help the doll along when it was shaking and seizing and losing its words, and then stay, and be there to enjoy mixing music again together.

Here’s a little yay, some positivity, for someone that is truly a talent and a blessing. Heartfelt love for you, dear – you inspire.

This is the mix that came out of feeling pretty excellent after a hellish couple of days inside its head – enjoy.