The Halloween Set from October 2022 – Halloween Dance Party and Costume Contest – (Oct. 15, 2022 – Darkwave, Dance, Club, House, Trance)

The pups and pets of New Haven are an intense group of party-loving, dance-driven, energy that could not be stopped. It was a seriously amazing night to be spinning for. The set I planned was not what the crowd needed, and it was a matter of great importance to play the crowd. Here’s the mix that made the folks feel so good. It was also kind of a sweet and humble honor to spin on the same lineup as DJ Liquid Todd – yes, the very one and the same of the mid 2000s – 2010s Sirius/XM era. Talking shop and seeing him play the crowd into a blur of intense happiness and vibration was just a bit of our early life brought into the present, hours of listening to his choice selections and music knowledge on the radio came together live, and he had no ego, all love and support for GLAAD and fellow DJ artists. Props to you, friendo!

The First Fierce Mix from October 2022 (Oct. 14, 2022 – Darkwave, Dance, Club, House, Trance)

October 2022 was a freaking blast! Tons of good parties and events… couldn’t stop with how cool things were. The best mixes came from spinning in New Haven for Pup and Pet Kink nights and fundraisers for the LGBTQIA+ Community. You needed to be there!

The Friday Night Mix (Friday, October 14th, 2022) was fierce… the transitions slapped, and the patio was packed! <3 The genres were all over the place, but it worked. We played our own special track called “Kathy’s Castle’s in the Sky” starting at around 52 minutes and 40 seconds. The audience loved it so much. It was the perfect way to end the night, transitioning quickly to Prizm’s “All Night.”

Furry Con 2015 – Saturday Night Opener (2015, Dubstep/Club/House/Dance/Trance/Chiptune)

This mix was the opener for the Saturday night party at Furry Con 2105 in Rochester, NY. This was a unique event, because the Blue Angels showed up to party along with the furs! (Yes, this happened…)

The last 15 minutes were extra padding, and were just automix fill in case the next DJ didn’t get something going in time, but he absolutely did, and the night’s party stayed strong!

Versus Mix – dj dollmaker vs. DJ Kitsune-No-Inari – Facet (2018, Goth/Darkwave/EBM/Industrial)

The dollmaker and Yuki take turns in creating a special mix that combines their individual musical preferences. Yeah, one body, many beings, but it makes for radical diversity and creativity! Yuki and The Dollmaker bring more melodic danceable vocal energy in this swirly and steady tempo mix. In this mix, Facet harmoniously combines two shared desires – the irresistible urge to dance and the fervent longing to truly live life to its fullest!

DJ Kitsune-No-Inari – Mix 00 (2009, Classic Goth)

So, there’s another being that lives in us, and her name is Yuki. She’s super amazing. A beautiful fox that thrives on the goth music of the 80s and today. She also enjoys 80s pop, rock, and alternative music. Yes, we’re not like other beings, and yes, we’re plural. More DJs and more diversity of music – this is a blessing, friends. <3

Lived Experience – (2020, Industrial/Aggro/Darkwave)

This mix is seriously stompy and reflects on the term often used in recovery and mental health known as “lived experience.” If you lived the experience in most industrial and darkwave music, well, you’d probably just be one of many who take on the challenges of life and mental health every day – welcome home.

New Mixes – The Named Series

The first 10 mixes we did were first produced from 2009 to 2013, alongside some performances, but when we started to get into doing more events in 2015 to 2022, the energy spiked. Please take the time to enjoy what has become a new style and updated music selection with personal all-time favorites. There’s still more to come, but it was seriously needed to get the new tracks and more aggressive style into rotation, while at the same time doing club gigs. It’s a good time to get diverse.

Kill the DJ, loot the body…

deepCONdrop [don’tEVERstop] – (2019, Goth/Industrial/Darkwave)

The title of this mix is both a nod to the feeling of con drop – the short term depression folks feel days after a con end. It also refers to the act of dropping into trance, a result of hypnotic induction. This mix is a tribute mix to an excellent weekend at the Charmed! Erotic Hypnosis event that we DJed at. We only wish it was ethical and consensual to zonk people with beats and visuals. (Mad Props to Rezz – they get it done proper)