Solstice Reclaimation – (2019, Darkwave/Goth/Industrial)

This mix was the first mix we played after former roomies moved on, and we reclaimed out living space. It’s chocked full of thump and energy and one of our most favorite mixes.

Experimental Solution For Broken Headphones – (2022, Industrial/Aggro/Darkwave)

This mix was done while a loose wire in my fav headpones were totally failing. duct tape and compression got the loose wire to cooperate until we could chop the wire and solder in a new cord. The show must go on, and the mix was a solid success.

Double Injection – (2022, Industrial/Aggro/Darkwave)

This mix marked a move to a different mixing method and controller: it’s angrier, and higher energy. The name comes from getting 2 vaccines on the same night… don’t be a fuck, get jabbed and fight diseases.

DJ Dollmaker – Kathy’s Castles In The Sky (Listen Edit)

So, this little treat was a mix/mash of Ian Van Dahl – “Castles In The Sky” but a remix we los, then spliced against Apoptygma Berzerk – “Kathy’s Song (Green Court Remix)” which we couldn’t easily find, or someone who thought to mix the vocals from CITS and the Ferry Corsten Remix of Kathy’s song, but when we heard the identical track, it begged for mixing and mashing to make a haunting melody. We’ve since lost the master as well, and would truly love to remaster and do a better job of volume normalization and other prod tweaks if we could ever find the bootleg of the

But please, enjoy this track, as we find the haunting pseudo duet something that literally makes us shiver years later, and we’re so glad to have made it come to life.

track again.

UPDATE – We found it… we think! It is most likely the Peter Luts Remix of CITS… and was an improperly labeled rip … which makes complete sense, and a Green Court remix of Kathy’s Song… and never seemed like it was..

V2 Release coming soon….