Inspired by C.O.D.E (2020, Goth, Industrial, Darkwave)

So over the past week, here in September 2020, it has been a bit weird. This one’s brain has been turning tricks – something like mania, and some pretty scary seizures. This is not typical for itself, the doll just doesn’t like what this is all about.

It has been a trial – not an easy ride. Friends are amazing. When someone who cares reaches out, try not to push away. It was very special to have its friend C.O.D.E come and stayed a few days, to help the doll along when it was shaking and seizing and losing its words, and then stay, and be there to enjoy mixing music again together.

Here’s a little yay, some positivity, for someone that is truly a talent and a blessing. Heartfelt love for you, dear – you inspire.

This is the mix that came out of feeling pretty excellent after a hellish couple of days inside its head – enjoy.